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Junior League @ Pine Tree Gun Club

 Pine Tree Gun Club has open Junior Shooting on Friday nights from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

We invite youths to come learn and enjoy themselves in a friendly, educational & safe environment.  

Juniors will learn from our top notch instructors & coaches the skills to become educated, safe & responsible  young bullseye shooters.

Program Information:

  1. Juniors use .22 caliber, single shot bolt-action target rifles

  2. Rifles, ammunition, safety equipment & accessory equipment are all provided at NO cost to you by the Club.

  3. Juniors can also be involved in 3-position competition matches in the Ocean State Junior Rifle Association and can participate through their 21st birthday.

  4.  The minimum age for our Juniors varies and is determined by the individual's maturity, behavior & attention levels. 

For more information regarding the Junior League-Click Here

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