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3-Gun @ Pine Tree Gun Club

3 Gun combines rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting into a combined competition format.


Each competition consists of several stages which are timed. Shooters complete each stages' course of fire which may include up to all 3 of their firearms and often involve movement aka "running and gunning".


Targets constantly vary and stages are never the same. This challenges shooters to prepare for awkward shooting angles, physical challenges, moving targets, and varied distances. This high action shooting style has taken over the competition world. Athleticism and shooting skills are pushed to complete stages as quickly as possible while maintaining high levels of safety and accuracy. Poor accuracy and mistakes are penalized as added time to a shooters overall score.

PT3G (Pine Tree 3Gun) has adopted the RI3Gun rule and scoring set shared by surrounding RI clubs so that shooters have a standardized criteria at local matches. PT3G provides a safer and exciting match experience enjoyed by every experience level of competitor.


All matches will require pre-registration via Practiscore

Click the link above to access the latest match info and dates registration goes live.

Often 3Gun matches sell out the day registration opens. Any skill level is welcome.


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