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Pistol Team

Pine Tree’s Indoor Bullseye Pistol Team participates in the Ocean State Pistol League (OSPL).  The OSPL is a .22 rimfire winter league running from September-April each year. All matches are held on Wednesday nights.  Matches are hosted either at Pine Tree Gun Club or at any of the participating clubs throughout the State. The Pine Tree Pistol Team has won the OSPL Championship many times. 

Men, women, young or old - Joining the pistol team is as easy as showing up. New shooters are always welcome. We do suggest you contact the club and view the club calendar for dates.

You will need eye and ear protection and, if you plan to shoot, a .22 rimfire pistol.  If you don’t have a pistol and want to try out the sport just ask one of our team members and you can borrow one for the night. You can also always attend a match and just watch to get a feel for the sport.

About Bullseye

  1. Bullseye is shot with a .22 rimfire pistol at 50 ft

  2. Each participant shoots 10 shots at the 3 different targets for a total of 30 shots.  These target scores are added to get a score for the night.

  3. The “team score” is comprised of the top 5 individual scores from each team

  4. Individuals also compete with other shooters in the league who are at their level (classification) for year-end awards.

  5. There are three different targets:

  • Slow fire - 10 shots in 10 minutes

  • Timed fire - two strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds

  • Rapid fire - two strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds


For information regarding the Pistol Team, please contact club Secretary.

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