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Bowling Pin Matches

Program Information

Pine Tree Bowling Pin matches are held on 2nd Sunday of each month
from April-October (Weather Permitting)
Entry to shoot is $5 and is open to both members/non-members of
Pine Tree Gun Club
Registration runs from 9:30 AM-9:55 AM

Matches start promptly @ 10 AM

There are 2 divisions- Center fire pistol caliber Revolver, & Semi
Automatic handguns . Both are iron sights only
Shooters must wear eye and ear protection at all times.

Course of fire: 

2 Shooters will be called to the line. They bring a empty handgun to
the line and wait for range commands to load and make ready, standby
and fire.  

2 Shooters have to knock 5 bowling pins off of the target stand. They
must leave the stand entirely, knock-over but not off does not count.

During each head to head match the first magazine may be loaded to a
maximum of 6, all magazines used following be filled to capacity.


Scoring is based on how many pins are clear before your opponent
completely clears the rack. In the event of a too-close-to-call both
shooters will receive 5 points for that round and consider it a tie.


At the end of 5 rounds the top 3 shooters will be awarded prize money
based on the number of entries in the division.


Any ties are solved by tie breaker head to head if two competitors or by fastest to clear a rack of 5 by timer if more than two competitors.


Recommended round count for shooters is 75-100 rounds

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